Our aim is to help users and potential users of factoring and invoice discounting facilities get the best out of the relationship with their invoice financier. We do this by:

    • Evaluating your Order-To-Cash ("OTC") process, including your credit policy
    • If you are choosing a factor or discounter, defining the critical elements you require from a factoring or invoice discounting facility
    • If you have an existing facility, appraising the interplay between the invoice finance facility and your OTC process, highlighting where there is any friction that limits funding or causes relationship difficulties
    • Proposing methods of changing either the OTC process or the facility to improve the relationships between your business, your customers and your finance provider with the broad aim of maximising the funding available to you. In extreme cases this could result in us recommending you move your facility to another provider.

Contact us without obligation for an initial discussion of how we could help you. Our service is suitable for businesses of any size and at any stage in development, from start-up to multi-national enterprise.