We have extensive experience of the UK factoring and invoice discounting market and of designing systems and processes for managing invoice finance facilities. We blend this experience with our knowledge of worldwide credit management techniques to offer a consulting service that will add value to any invoice finance company embarking upon:

    • product development,
    • business process improvement, or
    • systems design or review

Factoring and invoice discounting are now available in many countries around the world through local providers that understand and adapt these facilities to the economic, legal, financial and credit conditions in their markets. Our consulting service respects these differences and aims to share best international practice wherever processes are sufficiently similar between different countries to allow this approach.

Whether you are setting up a company in a greenfield environment or re-engineering an established business, Contact us without obligation for an initial discussion of how we could help you achieve your objectives.

Recruitment industry know-how

We have specialist knowledge and experience of financing companies in the £27 billion p.a. turnover UK recruitment industry and of managing outsourced back office services for them, principally payroll-and-billing.

We offer the following services to invoice financiers in relation to clients in this industry:

    • portfolio review
    • client and risk management training
    • product development
    • client communications

Whether you are financing permanent placement invoices or timesheet-backed temporary work invoices, we can help you build your expertise in this industry to grow income, minimise losses and build customer satisfaction in your client base. Just Contact us.